We live among the clouds.

The priests of the Holy Summit teach us that our Mother and Father saved us from the evils below, raising us up from hell itself, asking only for us to return their love with devotion.

Of course, the monks of the Jade Temple have a slightly different explanation, and the Cult of the Red Queen, still another. And while the High Regent stands staunchly beside the Dual Pontifices of the Holy Summit (on the behalf of the royal heir, Knollerd the 12th, of course) she has been so far unable to enforce that relationship with Travisted’s ruling body and largest ship-building consortium, the Argent Cog.

The Agency, of course, has no official position on the matter. Its better for business.

Shattered Skies is a “D&D-by-gaslight” campaign set on series of islands suspended in the sky. It uses D&D 5e rules.

Want more information? Check the Booke of the Brokken Skie.

Shattered Skies

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