Pirate Code

The Articles and Code of the Pirates of the good ship
Le Triumph
Put down by Black Jeremiah Solomon on the 14th of March, 915 e.

I. In battle or when pursuing a prize, the captain is law.
II. When out of battle, the Captain, First Mate, Quartermaster, and Doctor’s words are law. All men are required to obey all civil command.

III. If there is a disagreement (whether between officers or from any member of the crew), including as to the nature of a command or task, every able hand aboard has a vote in affairs of the moment; has equal title to fresh provision, or strong liquors, at any time seized, and may use them at pleasure in quantities determined by the Quartermaster, unless there being a shortage, in which case rations will be determined by the Quartermaster. A vote may be called at any time outside of battle or chase to elect a new officer in place of a current one, the vote is to feature all able members of a crew (new members being excluded for a period of one week) excepting the officer being replaced. The one exception is first mate, who is to be exclusively chosen by the current captain. A vote may be lodged to remove the first mate from his position, the captain gets pick of the crew for the replacement.

IV. No crew shall harm another at quarrel, by punishment of deck scrubbing (first offense), drag (second offense) or choice of marooning or death (third offense).

V. No hand is to enact by sorcery or other magic harm or control on another hand aboard, by punishment of death.

VI. The lights, candles and torches to be put out at eight o’ clock at night, saving the deck lanterns and engine room. If any crew at that hour are still inclined to drinking or gaming, they are to do it on the mid deck.

VII. All crew are to keep their own piece, pistol(s), and other weapons clean, sharp, and otherwise fit for battle at all times.

VIII. To desert the ship, appointed duty, or quarters during battle is punishable by death or marooning (quartermaster’s choice).

IX. No hand aboard is to talk of breaking up their way of living, till each hand having earned 10,000 gold pieces or equivalent (non-money, art, or jeweled spoils worth less than 200 gold not accounted). To this end, any man who loses a limb shall be accounted 2,000 gold pieces, and proportionately less for lesser hurts out of the public stock.

X. All hands, officers included, are to receive exactly one even share of the loot, as accounted by the Quartermaster. The ship public stock shall receive three shares, for refitting, payment of dues and such. All loot, plunder, etc worth less than 200 gold pieces (including, as desired, clean clothing and other oddments possessed by crew of a prize, as desired) shall not be accounted for, and each and every member of the crew shall be called, in turn, fairly, by list to take their pick of such oddments and possessions of the captured vessel. Quartermaster will have final say of what is to be tallied before looting and sharing commences. Officers are to receive first pick of loot, but share no other privileges.

XI. If any hand is found to be defrauding the company of any loot valued at a dollar or more in any form that would otherwise be accounted for, the punishment is death or marooning (quartermasters choice).

XII. Officers and duties. The Captain shall have absolute command in battle and during a chase, and shall otherwise be the chief executive officer aboard subject to the crews faith in the captains command (see I. III.). The first mate enacts the captains will, and his or her word shall be taken to be the captains at all times unless the captain directly contradicts it. The Quartermaster has accounting of all supplies and loot, save spare arms and powder, and is responsible for all assignment of duties, and schedules, and the enactment of rules and punishments while aboard as long as they do not violate this written code. The quartermaster shall have a say in every new crew recruitment, and is to be chiefly responsible for recruitment operations at port or prize. In addition, during a boarding operation, the quartermaster shall have command of all boarders, even if another officer joins in the boarding. The Master at Arms is to have an accounting of all weapons aboard, personal or collective, and the public stores shall be his to maintain and keep account of. Any man who wishes a new weapon shall see the Master at Arms. The Gunnery Chief shall have absolute command, second only to the captain and first mate, of all affairs of the cannon and their operation, both in and out of battle. The Doctor shall have absolute authority in all things medical.

Any Violation of this code that does not bear a written punishment shall be punished according to the wishes of the Quartermaster.

Signed and Ratified:

Pirate Code

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