Notes from Keller's Pirate Journal

Pirates of Repute (Currently in operation):

“Black” Sam, Sam Blake


Flag/Color: Black flag, deaths head with bones crossed behind the head, small, with an hourglass underneath.

Ship(s): The Tempest, 20-gun Galley, the Silver Knife, 6-gun sloop-of-war, and the Treachery, 4-gun sloop-of-war.

Notable Achievements:

Gregoire Befort

Who: A Vecien pirate captain, formerly a privateer fighting against the Rymish. His crew was unsatisfied when the Vecien negotiated peace with the Rymish, and has been illegally preying on shipping since. Still does not prey on Vecien shipping.

Flag/Color: Black flag, arm holding a falchion.

Ship: La Victoire, a 12-gun Barque.

Notable Achievements:

Notes from Keller's Pirate Journal

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